Our family company Theon Nectar is located in Sparta.

Our intention is produce our exquisite type of honey taking care of the valuable bees maintaining a balance within this unique ecosystem with respect to the consumer.

Theon Nectar Limited Edition Organic Honey is harvested in the mountains from Peloponnese of Greece.

Our unlike traditional honey is produced from the Peloponnesian endemic plants (thyme, heather, arbutus, sage), pine and fir of the Parnonas and Menalos mountains.

Χρύσαφα- Λακωνίας

Coordinates: GP: 370539 GM: 223148

Τ.Κ 23100, Ελλάδα

Mob: +30 6942200103, +30 6946331901

email: ioan.rallis@gmail.com