Mountain Refuge Melissourgoi

Our hostel is located at the last point of civilisation in this virgin Tzoumerka mountains, sur-rounded buy traditional villages, old watermills, beautiful trails for hiking and trekking, natu-ral stone founds and springs, amazing created from the nature bath lagoons and waterfalls. Home for the people that want pease, excitement, adrenally, getting to know our way of life

Our Hostel is in the mountain of Tzoumerka, under the amazing peak of Stroggoula. The view is breathtaking and we can offer you the freedom that you need. We have an traditional but profes-sional kitchen, an relaxing place inside with a stone fireplace that is build from us, big wooden tables for you to read or eat or play games with your family or friends, sofas to relax.

For your night time we have small rooms of 5 people or for bigger groups and friend rooms of 10 people with their bathroom! And in to this area we have amazing places for tents and a playground for small and big kids!

This location is very gifted. Everything is close or with a nice ride a little more further. We have 350m waterfall, but also amazing smaller waterfalls everywhere near, small lagoon that you can take a bath.

We can take you to trails inside the mountains for trekking or mountain bike, or peaks, or rides trough peaks. You can see also traditional stone villages with trails and traditional tavern.

And at last, amazing wild river Arachtos and Kalarritkos for rafting and trekking next to them, or for the more adventures kayaking always with a expert guide !!! The canyoneering is one of the most adventures that we can offer here.!!!!

Just join us, tell us what you need and we can make it true together! We want you to see what we see every day !!! Airport of Ioannina is one way to reach our wild paradise and then with car through villages, Laz-aina-Kalentzi-Pramanta-Melissourgoi. The other way is the public bus with not a lot of fairs in to the mountain. There are the airports as well of Thessaloniki to Ioannina, or airport of athens to Arta and then Brige of Plaka.

Ορεινό καταφύγιο Μελισσουργών
Mountain Refuge Melissourgoi

Μελισσουργοί ΄Αρτας

Δελημήτρος Φωτης +30 6974374172
Μισιρλόγλου Εφη +30 6936558396

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