Our company was founded in 1971 by Polidoros and Dimitra Ploumi, with the first activity being the manufacture of Cretan weavers. Very soon, the entrepreneurial genius and insight of its founders placed the company in the garment industry.

Initially, the emphasis was given on the tourism market, with the company operating on a seasonal basis. In recent years, however, interest has shifted also to the local market, with the result that the operation has now expanded throughout the year. The constant efforts for the production of new-original designs, the refinement of the old ones, the search for the highest quality fabrics and construction materials and the manning of the craft with new people, with specialized studies in the field of clothing manufacturing, enable us to look up and claim a piece of the highly competitive Greek market.

Our Brands


PLS FASHION is a resort wear brand known for its high aesthetic creations from 100% linen. With timeless designs, extremely meticulous down to the last detail, we have managed to gain the trust of our customers over the years.


Forever Young the label is a resort wear brand, founded in 2014. High quality garments embracing the femininity and beauty of every woman is what Forever Young stands for. We put great effort in choosing our fabrics and raw materials which consist mostly of natural and natural-blend materials.


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