"Highland-Orini Gaia" is a family company, founded at September 2015. Is located at he famous mountain range of Pindos, at Pogoni village complex, at north-west Greece, where the unspoiled elements of nature and our traditional cultivation methods give our products fine taste and the best quality. We grow oregano, mountain tea, chamomile, sage and daphne.

Although "Highland-Orini Gaia" is a new company, we have been successfully providing quality herbs of the mountain area of Epirus to a variety of customers in various greek cities (i.e. Athens, Preveza, Arta, Kalamata) as also in other countries (i.e. Holland). Lately, we participated on the meeting of the "Romanian - Greek Business Partnership" that took place on May 17 in Bucharest, establishing new customer contacts in the Romanian market.

Our company enables businesses to reach the need of selling a quality product to the client, and at the same time keeping the supply costs in low level, achieving costumers loyalty with a higher profit margin. Quality and competitive prices are the two key elements that characterize our production and distribution procedures, giving us a significant comparative advantage among the suppliers. Our solid leads prove a great response and interest in our work.

Thank you in advance for your time getting to know us. I would be more than happy providing you with information about each one of our products, as well as about our price list, or any question that may arise about packaging, shipment, shipment costs, etc.


Christina Tsiouri

Sales Manager


Highland-Orini Gaia



T. +30 6973371666

F. +30 2651038322

E. highlandsherbs@gmail.com