Product Name: THE GOVERNOR

Premium Extra Virgin Unfiltered Olive Oil


Short Description: A very fine extra virgin olive oil rich in healthy antioxidants!


Product Description: A very fine extra virgin olive oil from Corfu island, with fresh aroma and taste,

Rich in texture and healthy antioxidants.

Produced by the Dafnis Family, who for three generations have been carefully

Tending the centuries-old "Lianolia" variety olive trees in the family grove.


This unfiltered early harvest olive oil is harvested and cold-pressed at the Dafnis family

Olive mill at very low temperatures using the gentlest methods.

This painstaking care rewards us with a superb natural olive juice with unusually high

Polyphenols content, which are responsible for the healthy benefits of olive olive oil.


Our olive oil is named in honour of the First Governor of free and independent Greece,

Who was a local corfiot aristocrat, Count Ioannis Kapodistrias (1776 - 1831) 


Tasting Notes:  Its flavour, as well as the intense aroma of freshly crushed olives will not go unnoticed by the consumer, as it is described as  unusually "especially spicy", with an unmatched harmony between fruity and spicy notes.



Origin: Aghios Matthaios - Corfu 

Olive Variety : Lianolia Kerkiras (100%)

Acidity: 0.17

K270: 0,148

K232: 1,810

Peroxide: 3,0 (max 20)


Polyphenols concentration: 512 mg/kg (50-500 ppm)

Tocopherols   concentration: 467 mg/kg  (125-300ppm)

Oleocanthal: 680 mg/Kg

Oleacein: 317 mg/Kg

Oleuropein aglycon: 72 mg/Kg

Ligstroside aglycon: 93 mg/Kg


Total hydroxytyrosol derivatives: 389 mg/Kg

Total tyrosol derivatives: 994 mg/Kg

 Total: 1142 mg/Kg


Age of olive trees: 500 -1000 years old

Storage: in cool and dark place

Extraction: First cold pressing unfiletered


Product History: 


 Our olive oil is to us of great historical meaning and in direct relationship to our Land, our Lives, our Future.

For this reason,

 It is "Named in honor of the first Governor of independent Greece, the Corfiot Aristocrat Count Ioannis Kapodistrias (1776-1831)", which can be seen on the bottle's label on a golden-coloured adornment made from metal (pewter).

We offer "the Governor" in an elegant package as minimal recognition of the tremendous work of the great political leader Kapodistrias as well as the precious nutritional value of the olive oil.



Certifications: The olive oil is stored in our HACCP and ISO 22000: 2005 hygiene-certified standardization unit(OLIVE FABRICA)






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