About Us

Art & Wine is located at Trilagkada, Zakynthos Island in Greece, near the mountainous settlement of Maries, northwestern of the island.

Two different but connected worlds of creation cohabit its spaces; an icon painting workshop and a boutique winery. Both live on the hard work, the passion and the life of Giatras-Gkoumas family, confined in a traditional, refurbished home made of stone at the Zakynthian countryside.

Fine Greek wine from the Ionian, made in the old ways and certified by the modern.

In our winery you will find not regular, commercial labels, but only varieties provided within the history and culture of the Heptanese: rare, red Avgoustiatis and lively, golden Robola.

Not far from our winery, another universe lies. Religious painting, iconography and spiritual canvasses give form to images from the holy scriptures, made by Giannis Giatras himself.

The creations of the workshop complements with devoutness the offerings of nature, pairing the fruits of the land with the fruits of art. Art & Wine is not merely another place to see.

Our boutique winery and land demonstrates everyday labour, the home of a family, inspiration, a personal story full of wine flavours and divine colours.





ART & Wine Estate

Art & Wine - Giannis Giatras - Goumas

Maries Zakynthos Island
Zante Greece

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