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Danny Kein Company is a construction company from Thessaloniki where since 1978 it manufactures knitted clothes, mainly men's initially taking part in rota-femina exhibitions, in places such as the Intercontinetal etc.

The base of the company is mainly family, based on the beginning of the handicraft of 1980, we manufactured and still manufacture today in Greece, creating a product of high standards.

Until 1990 we collaborated with external knitters until we bought the 1st exhibition machine with full facsimile technology and became vertical, control and produce all the stages from the initial to the final, standardization and product shipment

The way we build and the advantages that the full-phase machines give us at the moment is the automated production with our own design. This of course means that there is fidelity to the numerology and that each production product is identical.

Our special way of construction, gives us the opportunity not to use scissors , so we do not cut, but join the clothes, thus creating fine seams of high quality and double outside (inside out) faces.

Our course so far in the field and the duration of the business, in the men's-children testifies in itself the level of the company.

The women's is our new venture, integrating the next generation in the redefinition and evolution of the company, aiming mainly at its externalization and enriching it with new collaborations continuing the family tradition and faith in the art of knitting.

Yours sincerely DANNY KEIN

Knitted garments manufacturing company

In terms of qualities

Wo = wool eg merinos wool (from Merino (Spain) -NZ, Austria)

Wp = alpaca wool (lama yarn - camel - alpaca)

Wh = mohair wool Ws = cashmere wool

Vi = viscose (or) yarn of wood-vegetable origin-gives special weight to clothes and shine

Pa = high quality polymerized polyamide carbon

Pc = lower quality polyacrylic

Pl = polyester

El = elastane

Collaborating yarn companies,

Tollegno (extra fine merinos 100%), papi Fabio, olympias, pinori, fabifil-Royal, p3, alpes, Izy, filati riccio, utt, emiroglio, and other collaborations which are always updated with live monitoring of forecast reports, threads and raw materials.

All of the above, non-vegetable - natural fibers are used by companies

Yarn for optimizing and durability of fabrics to be produced from These (materials technology).

The recy mark of the PINORI yarn company

That this product is made from recycled materials (eg 148 recy wool code)

That is, the circular mark means that the company itself has a system for the absorption and recycling of raw materials, therefore it operates ‘standards-research’

Origin of yarn Italy France Spain.


Γιαννιτσών 79, Θεσσαλονίκη.

T/F: +30 2310540209

M: +30 6985934888

Email: info@dannykein.com

Website: www.dannykein.com

Facebook: @dannykeinknitewear 

Instagram: @dannykein_knitwearedition

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