Our story

Aegean Ventures is a Greek company founded in 2005, that offers private and shared basis daily cruises from Mykonos island.

Our family business owns 3 handcrafted traditional boats designed especially for the Cycladic waters and is successfully organizing trips and events of any kind with thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world.

Our aim is to give our customers the opportunity to explore the hidden gems of the Aegean Sea with style, comfort, and safety.

Our vision, though, is what differentiates us from all the other companies that operate in the boat rental area.

As our family holds a long tradition of more than 40 years in the maritime industry, our infinite passion and love for the sea, inspire us to offer all our guests with a flawless experience focused on authenticity, personalization, and intimacy, that could only be offered by a local friend.

From daily cruises and private events to a simple transition from one island to another, you've come to the right people; we will listen, understand and create the perfect conditions in order to offer you memories that will last for a lifetime.

Whether you are in Mykonos or in any other neighboring island, you can contact us and choose either one of the cruises that we recommend, or use our help and professional experience to create your own, filled with the destinations that you prefer.

Our high-quality services are always tailored to your needs and requirements; therefore, if you wish to enjoy a half-day or even a multi-day cruise with one of our boats, we will make sure that the experience will be as comfortable and unique as you were dreaming it to be.

After all, our mission is to give you the freedom to create your ideal trip, focused on what would make you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.



Κρουαζιέρα στη Δήλο

Ρήνεια-Δήλος εκδρομή με σκάφος

Κρουαζιέρα στις Νότιες Παραλίες της Μυκόνου & το Paradise

Rhenia & Sunset Cruise

Mykonos Private Cruises



Aegean Ventures

Old Port of Mykonos

Υπεύθυνος επιχείρησης: Αλέξανδρος Ντάτος

Mob: +30 6906263016

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Website: www.aegean-ventures.com

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